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Overview  -  “Rhythm of Life”

We all get hung up on wanting to be in a perpetual state of expansion, but that’s not how it works. Linear growth is a myth. The evolution of anything isn’t a smooth bell curve. It’s a pulse, a wave, a heartbeat. You are designed to contract and expand.

“Every contraction in life is setting you up for another expansion it has to. It’s the rhythm of life.” 

    ~ Dr. Habib Sadeghi

This year, 14 artists of OSA Award featured in “Rhythm of Life” respond to their self, the society and the world, initiated by this motion of shape shifting. Their works reflect on our current adversity is the path that lead us to the greatest union and growth.

Life is shape shifting. Life is growth. It is in the energy created between the contraction and expansion as they continually swap position in our lives.

First, you get small. Then, you get bigger. Contraction, expansion. Drawing in, breaking through. Shrinking, shining.

This is the Rhythm of Life.

導覽  -  「 韻蘊 」


前進和擴張的呈現不會如一條平滑的鐘形曲線,而是一個不斷變化的循環。它們像脈搏、波浪和心跳,生生不息,以一緊一鬆,隨著生命週期而移動。我們身體內並沒有一條預設的方程式,由出發點直達目的地,總是必須探索每條路徑、毎個方向,於生命之河載著你時,張馳有度。Be Water。


「生命中的每一次收縮都在使你為另一次擴張做好準備 — 這就是生命的韻律。」


今年,「韻 · 蘊」中 14 位香港傑出學生藝術家奬的學生藝術家通過作品向自己、社會、世界和當下的逆境作出回應,藉此引領我們去探索成長的道路 – 在「發展、擴張」以及「收縮、減慢」之間的掙扎,要取得成長的方法和方向不易,在不停向前走的同時,去看看有什麼是行不通,同時也不要停下來,仍是要抱著前行的希望和動力。


生命就是變化,生命就是成長 — 在每一個張馳之間不斷交換位置,產生能量。你先變小。然後,變得更大;每一下收縮,換來每一個擴張;進入,突破; 綣縮如微塵,發光如星晨。




Paintings 畫作

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