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Archive of a hundred sparrowTicko Liu
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Hide and SeekTsin Tsin Yeung
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Overview  -  “Rhythm of Life”

We all get hung up on wanting to be in a perpetual state of expansion, but that’s not how it works. Linear growth is a myth. The evolution of anything isn’t a smooth bell curve. It’s a pulse, a wave, a heartbeat. You are designed to contract and expand.

“Every contraction in life is setting you up for another expansion it has to. It’s the rhythm of life.”   ~ Dr. Habib Sadeghi

This year, 15 artists of OSA Award featured in “Rhythm of Life” respond to their self, the society and the world, initiated by this motion of shape shifting. Their works reflect on our current adversity is the path that lead us to the greatest union and growth.

Life is shape shifting. Life is growth. It is in the energy created between the contraction and expansion as they continually swap position in our lives.

First, you get small. Then, you get bigger. Contraction, expansion. Drawing in, breaking through. Shrinking, shining.

This is the Rhythm of Life.

Artists & Medium

畫作 Paintings

Beth Wong

Wong Ka Yi, Bethany 黃嘉怡

Ticko Liu


Liu Wai Hang, Ticko


Ticko's work is all about something he don’t understand and a representation of his own personal experience, what he is thinking and all the weird ideas.

I paint sparrow and cat, two creatures that really catch my attention. Especially after 17th November, 2019. Reporter found lots of dead bird and sparrow. At that time I start to notice the sparrow around me.

Chan Siu Ying, Janet 陳曉楹

Janet Chan
Chan Nok

Chan Nok 陳諾

Beth Man

Man Hoi Ying, Bethany 文凱盈

Alan Ng

Ng Ching Hung 吳清鴻

Tsin Tsin

Yeung Tsin Tsin 楊仟仟

Tjia Man

Tjia Man Yan, Mimmy 謝旻蒑

Brian Kam

Kam Long Yin, Brian 甘朗然


Cheung Wing See, Kyo 張穎詩

Kyo Cheung
Wong Hok Yi

Wong Hok Yi, Tiffany 王學沂


Chan Kik Cheung, Matthew 陳極彰

Matt Chan
Anthea Yip

Yip Yan, Anthea 葉昕

Mixed Media

Tam Angela

Tam Angela 譚鈺磬

Moon Ng

Ka Wai Ng, Moon 伍家惠

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