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Art-at-all is a non-profit charity art organization founded in 2008 to promote art at all levels through various activities such as exhibitions, residency, talks and education programs. In recent years, the organization has initiated a series of art education-related programs, including the biennial event Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong (OSA Award) since 2015, to nurture the creative thinking and artistic talent of all secondary school students in Hong Kong. The OSA Award was established by a diverse group of professionals in the art industry to address the limitations of the current secondary visual arts education system in Hong Kong, despite the arrival of high-profile fairs, art institutions, and galleries.



Art-at-all is driven by a powerful vision: to recognize and support the innate talent and unbridled passion of young student artists. Our mission is to provide early exposure, especially to students, to both local and international art practices, nurturing the next generation of artists with a professional and global perspective. We strive to empower young student artists to develop their individuality and cultivate a distinctive creative style. Through our dedication to visual art education and fostering cultural exchange, we aim to create a vibrant and enriching artistic community that leaves a lasting impact on the art world, especially among students.



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