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art-at-all is a non-profit charity art organisation founded in 2008. We strive to develop art-at-all levels by organising art exhibitions, performances, forums, seminars and education programs. By injecting the art-at-all concept to various spaces such as galleries, factories, schools and public spaces, we promote art-at-all forms and create platforms for emerging local creators of visual, mixed-media and interactive forms. Since 2014, art-at-all initiated a series of art education programmes such as artist residencies in school, the OSA Award, and also seminars and exhibitions, to provide a range of new ideas for arts education in schools.



art-at-all 創立於 2008 年,為非牟利慈善藝術團體,舉辦各類藝術活動,透過展覽、演出、講座、論壇、創意教育等,把藝術浸透在不同的層面及注入不同的空間。除了在展場、學校和廠廈外,更在大大小小的公共空間發揮創意,發揮 art-at-all 的概念。同時為本地年青的創作人提供與大眾溝通的平台,支持新一代藝術家的持續發展。自 2014 年起,art-at-all 開展了一系列藝術教育活動,包括藝術家駐校計劃、研討會及展覽;香港傑出學生藝術家獎等,期望為學校藝術教育提供一系列新觀點。

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If you have any questions about our activities or are interested in sponsoring us, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Tel: +852 5680 9368

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