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With the kind support of the juries and committee members and generous contribution from the donors, the 1st and 2nd Outstanding students Artist Award of Hong Kong(OSA Award)has successfully launched in 2015  to sponsor 11 selected student artists to visit the  “56th and 57th  Venice Biennale” and organize group shows for the 34 finalists.

​With the vision to nurture creative talents & outstanding artists for the future art generation of Hong Kong, we will continue to raise fund for the OSA Award, such that it can be sustainable as an annual event and more student artists can be benefited by visiting oversea international art exhibitions.  This year we aim to raise HKD$200,000 for the award. Since we will not set the total number of awardees, the more the donation we receive, the more the number of students will receive the sponsorship.

art-at-all is a registered charitable organisation under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, all donation is tax deductible.

If you wish to make other forms of donation/sponsor please contact us.

Please deposit your donation to our account to and fill in the form below.


Bank account information: HSBC 808-895692-838 (art-at-all)


Make your cheque payable to: art-at-all

You can download the donation form 

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