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Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​s

畢若嵐 (福建中學 (觀塘) ) Bih Yeuk Nam, Evelyn (Fukien Secondary School (Kwun Tong) )


Best Outstanding Student Artist of 2017

畢若嵐 Bih Yeuk Nam, Evelyn


Hide in the colour and melt.

兔子和熊的故事 A Story about the Rabbits and Bears

畢若嵐作品 Artwork by Bih Yeuk Nam, Evelyn:



The story of the rabbit and the bear satirises the various pathological phenomena of the present society, such as over-reliance on information, making fun of people who try to bring happiness to everyone... I hope through this packaging of the fairy tale world, I can awaken the hearts of the viewers. 

兔子和熊的故事 A Story about the Rabbits and Bears

牛皮紙,馬克筆紙 Kraft paper, marker paper
21 x 15 cm each 


These animals symbolized the insecurities created by the mainstream values.

沒有安全感的動物們 Animals That Are Not Safe

布料 Cotton

21*15 cm, 20*17 cm, 17*19 cm, 14*22 cm



I use daily objects to create a body puzzle in order to ex- press myself.  During the process, I explore the thinking and speechless emotions in my mind. 

失去的童年 Lost Childhood
亞克力膠板,紙 Acrylic sheet, paper
15 x 15 cm each

陳菁鈴 (中華基督教會銘基書院) Chan Ching Ling, Elaine  (CCC Ming Kei College)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

陳菁鈴 Chan Ching Ling, Elaine


I got a massive hole in my head.

城市遺址 The Abandoned

陳菁鈴作品 Artwork by Chan Ching Ling, Elaine:


This poster design was inspired by the legalisation of same- sex marriage in the United States.  After years of suffering and discrimination, homosexuals can finally enjoy the right to love as other human beings.  The poster makes a reference to the famous photograph “Kiss of the Century” by Alfred Eisenstaedt to represent the joy and victory which is shared by the LGBT community. 

“LOVE WINS” 海報設計 “LOVE WINS” Poster Design

電腦繪畫紙本 Digital painting on paper
61 x 43 cm each 


This drawing tries to express different ridiculous behaviors and aims to reflect how people nowadays try to fulfill their desires regardless of moral. And finally come up with some reflections on the conflicts on fulfilling one's desire and the righteousness of act we have done or accepted.

“變態” “Metamorphosis

針筆與鉛筆紙本 Technical pen with pencil on paper 

60*43 cm


In this work, I recorded the abandoned buildings in Sham Shui Po, Tai Kok Tsui and Cheung Sha Wan.  Through using black and white colour to introduce the past and using colour to show the modern, people can manifest the efforts of previous generations.  These traces no one knows about show how their hard work has built up today’s Hong Kong. 

城市遺址 The Abandoned
數碼影像紙本 Digital print on paper
13 x 18 cm 

張穎詩 (保良局蔡繼有學校) Cheung Wing See, Kitty (Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

張穎詩 Cheung Wing See, Kitty



Who are we in the impermanence of life.

再「回」 Echo

張穎詩作品 Artwork by Cheung Wing See, Kitty:



I wish to show that the impermanent things in our lives is what creates countless and unthinkable possibilities for us to explore.  Like a shapeless mass in my installation, life can be morphed into anything, and the different shadows of the installation can represent the opportunities life could offer.


無常與機會 Casted Opportunities

裝置藝術 Installation
150 x 150 x 150 cm 



I could not be the same person as I am right now, but the broken pieces, or my future self will be reminiscent of the person I was. I wish to bring attention to the passage of time by prompting the audience to try to rewind time and view the sculpture as a whole, only to find that it is impossible to truly imagine it, thus showing the feeling of frustration and wistfulness that impermanence and time elicit from us.


是我嗎? Reminiscence

陶瓷 Ceramic

Size variable


This piece relfects my questions on something's permanence which now I pose to my audience: Does our remembrance of something truly causes it to transcend its death? Or is our memories just a fleeting light, an echo, that would be forgotten and fade out in the endless abyss of time?


再「回」 Echo

數碼影像珍珠板 Digital print on foam board
59*42 cm 

蔡聏 (新加坡國際學校) Ernestine Chua (Singapore International School (Hong Kong))


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

蔡聏 Ernestine Chua


A multi-disciplinary artist of numerous reference points playing with boundaries to produce a surreal reality.

超現實組合 Infuse, 朦朧的星雲 Nebulous

蔡聏作品 Artwork by Ernestine Chua:



Consolidate displays initially hidden city influence in culture, only when found it’s stark. Exectured with pigmented colours that deviate sight from maps, teetering on the boundary of reality and artificialness.


交織與纏繞 Consolidate


Acrylic paint on canvas, digital print on paper

31*31 cm



Infuse consist of uni ed human anatomy and city architecture that create a literal and metaphoric representation of the way the city tarnishes one’s purity and perspective. 

超現實組合 Infuse
電腦繪畫紙本 Digital painting on paper

45 x 59 cm

「朦朧的星雲」勾勒出混沌情感與迷茫衝動,對青少年身份認同的衝擊。透過冷色調,重塑了青少年經常經歷的苦悶, 以及擁有的模糊思維。我以水底下的生活和液體形狀比喻這 段麻煩時期的不穩定和無定性。 

“Nebulous” displays literally the metaphorical chaos of emotions, replicating the struggles of riveting the indeterminate identity common amongst adolescents.  Composed in muted cool tones, the colours replicate the somewhat dull and blurry train of thought often experienced.  The components of underwater life and liquid shapes are a metaphor for the unstable and shapeless nature of this troubling time. 

朦朧的星雲 Nebulous
混合媒介布本 Mixed media on canvas
105 x 102 cm 

方芍瑤 (協恩中學) Fong Cheuk Yiu, Rachel (Heep Yunn School)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

方芍瑤 Fong Cheuk Yiu, Rachel


Care the things I care, and ignore the things that I don't care. Free and easy but also with some inexplicably persistent.

那個房間,那張椅子 That Room, That Chair

方芍瑤作品 Artwork by Fong Cheuk Yiu:

在小時候,我總喜歡待在她的房間玩耍、看電視,而她則是坐在藤椅上織毛衣給我和弟弟。每一針毛線都代表著我們之間的愛和回憶,即使那房間已經不再存在,我們之間的回憶 卻是實在的。 


At the time of my childhood, I always liked to stay in her room to play, watch TV, and she was sitting on a rattan chair to knit a sweater for me and my brother.  Every needle of yarn represents the love and memories between us.  Even the room no longer exist now.  The memories between us is everlasting. 

那個房間,那張椅子 That Room, That Chair
2015 - 16
塑膠彩布本,毛線,藤椅 Acrylic on canvas, yarn, chair
275 x 183 cm 



She is an indispensable part of my childhood, but also my first family dead. Her leave not only means that I must face the darkness of life, but also the end of my childhood. Western culture believe that the letter tied to the balloon will be able to receive by our family who passed away. I really want to tell her that I have grown up and can be relieved from her death. However, the memories between us is just like the yarn stoping the balloons to fly, the .I am not as strong as I imagined. Should I continue to be addicted to my memories or should I be relieved?


回憶與信 Memories and Letters

氦氣球,毛線,紙 Helium ballons, yarn, paper

Size variable

Gian Miguel de Guia Del Valle

(地利亞修女紀念學校 (百老匯)) (Delia Memorial School (Broadway))


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

Gian Miguel de Guia Del Valle

因為迷戀和好奇心,我嘗試基於這文化再創作, 再透過作品教育茫然的。

With an overwhelming infatuation and curiosity over this one culture, here are my attempts on recreating artworks that I hope will educate the ignorant.


Artwork by Gian Miguel de Guia Del Valle:



This piece revolves around historical information.  I’ve decided to recreate these significant events in ‘militaristic’ Japan in a dramatic light to show that an ugly past can be made beautiful. 

Flight of Japan
塑膠彩布本 Acrylic on canvas
21 x 60 cm each 


What makes something ‘girly’?  Taught perception, that’s what.  These bags are exclusively for the male demographic to break down these ‘gender exclusive’ walls that society has taught us. 

Dream of Feminism
塑膠彩及刺繡布本 Acrylic and embroidery on canvas
41 x 25 cm, 11 cm radius, 18 x 18 cm 

Japan is known for its beauty, exquisite taste, being simple yet extravagant. But it's also infamous for pornography. Here is where the two worlds meet by in a subtle manner.


Fashion design

何厚熹 (荃灣聖芳濟中學) Ho Hau Hei, Matthew (St. Francis Xavier's School (Tsuen Wan))


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

何厚熹 Ho Hau Hei, Matthew


I hate boring things, so I like to present some information in a funnier way.

交友有甚麼原因 What are the Reasons for Making Friends

何厚熹作品 Artwork by Ho Hau Hei, Matthew:


Everyone hope they have friends.  Why people want to make friends?  I talk about the advantages of makings friends in this book, to let you know how good it is to make friends. 

交友有甚麼原因 What are the Reasons for Making Friends
色紙,毛線 Construction paper, yarn
14 x 20 cm 



Nowadays there are some people do well in their etiquette, look and result. To make them have a best image. they hope they can get someone’s identification. Or having good image on their work. So people only show their good things to others, but not the bad one. I think that will make people unhappy. It is because they can be their true selves. so I use this animation to talk about people should be honest when they get along with others. So that they can be happy.


狐狸面具 The Fox's Mask


動畫 Animation




Nowadays there are some people do well in their etiquette, look and result. To make them have a best image. they hope they can get someone’s identification. Or having good image on their work. So people only show their good things to others, but not the bad one. I think that will make people unhappy. It is because they can be their true selves. so I use this animation to talk about people should be honest when they get along with others. So that they can be happy.


真正色彩 True Colour

2016 動畫



何嘉永 (東華三院辛亥年總理中學) Ho Ka Wing, Karen (TWGHs Sun Hoi Directors' College)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

何嘉永 Ho Ka Wing, Karen


Exploring my world with art.


何嘉永作品 Artwork by Ho Ka Wing:



The situation of HK political developments- on its way to the dark times and declination- is owing to the incompetence of HK officials and the bureaucrats.  Hong Kong citizens are shouldering the consequences of their indifference towards political issues; the vicious cycle keeps running and building more obstacles to minimise the possible change to the current circumstances.  In view of it, I would like to evoke the resentment of recipients (HK locals mostly) and try to ignite their inner outrage to protest against the unreasonable ruling and dictatorship of Hong Kong governance in the form of vintage stamps with 8 iconic HK of official images. 


塑膠彩水松板 Acrylic on cork board
40 x 30 cm each 


The recycled paper illustrates some ignorant politicians should be re-educated which alleviates the chaos of the politics in Hong Kong. 

政紙 Zheng zhi

Paper, chinese medicine, cotton thread, embroidery thread
39 x 28 cm each 

郭芷菁 (香港華人基督教聯會真道書院) Kwok Tsz Ching, Shakti (HKCCCU Logos Academy)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

郭芷菁 Kwok Tsz Ching, Shakti

其實搞藝術係認識人嘅藉口。 我想知你諗乜。傾下?

Unfinished. Let's chat and add meaning to the pieces.

日記 Diaries

郭芷菁作品 Artwork by Kwok Tsz Ching, Shakti:

Choose a way to interpret this artwork: 

A. Ask “Shakti”. See when will you catch “Shakti”, then you will hear what does this artwork mean to “Shakti” at that time.


B. Think of someone you hate. Think of some people you can’t stand. Imagine that each of them has a diary! 


C. I wonder when you see this artwork, how much the strings are tied? At the start, the string curtain fully blocks the diaries. Now, the strings are tied and you can see the diaries. What happened? Will the diaries show more of themselves later?


D. Create your own version of this artwork, and see what you think during the process of making. 

日記 Diaries
裝置藝術 Installation
30 x 100 x 150 cm 

Choose a way to interpret this artwork:


A. Ask “Shakti”. See when will you catch “Shakti”, you will hear what does this artwork means to “Shakti” at that time.

B. “Our bodies are received by us from our parents” is a significant motto in Chinese filial piety. Is it a constrain? But I see lots of blank spaces in this artwork. There are only the shell-like skull and root-like brain white matter.


C. The cross-section image of the brain. Too scientific? Destroyed the mystery of the mind? I used a traditional religious artmaking method to create this piece…I tried.


D. Print out photos of your parents. Put them into a shredder. Who will put their parents’ photo into a shredder? Umm…they will probably change their mind after creating something beautiful out of the paper strips.

受諸父母 Given by Parents


雕塑 Sculpture

5*50*50 cm

郭蘊蕎 (協恩中學) Kwok Wan Kiu, Rachel (Heep Yunn School)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

郭蘊蕎 Kwok Wan Kiu, Rachel

巨蟹獅子座-矛盾 溫柔又暴躁;內向又外向。

Cancer-Leo: a combination of contradiction Soft and irritable; introvert and extrovert

放空 Daydreaming

郭蘊蕎作品 Artwork by Kwok Wan Kiu, Rachel:




When I don’t understand the lesson or my own revision, I will start daydreaming.  I always start with thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch, end with thinking about whether there really is a parallel universe. 

The feeling of daydreaming is relaxing, just like when I am having swimming lesson; I ignore the teacher’s instruction and oat in the water to daydream. 

In the work, when the colour is getting deeper and the image become more blurred, this means that my mind is getting deeper and deeper. 

放空 Daydreaming
數碼影像紙本 Digital print on paper
18 x 13 x 5 cm each 

這個作品是把我平日拍下來的照片組成的一個系列。似乎很無聊,卻是我一個又一個瑣碎的回憶。以下是其中一個: 22:52-有一晚因為在學校趕視藝科的功課而忘記了吃晚飯,回到家附近便去了唯一還在營業的快餐店,喝了這杯味道不怎麼樣的「綠茶荳奶拿鐵」。看見杯底的時候突然想拍張照片,那時候的時間是22:52。

This work used some of my daily shots to form a series. All of them are my memories even they seem meaningless. Here is one of the stories: 22:52- One night I forgot to have dinner because I stayed at school and busy with my Visual Arts homework. When I backed home, the only restaurant still opening was the fast food restaurant. I ordered a cup of “Green tea soy milk latte” which not really tasted good. When After drinking this I suddenly want to take a photo of it, the time at that moment is 22:52.

搵橋 Rachel's Daily Shot
數碼影像紙本 Digital print on paper

40*30 cm

Leah Putnam (啟新書院) (Renaissance College)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

Leah Putnam

Personal self-discovery, conveyed through the themes of fear, escapisms, serenity and dreams.


Artwork by Leah Putnam:

This composition emphasises the themes of personal insecurity.  It focuses particularly on legs and thighs, because I have always felt self-conscious about the bottom half of my body. 

Thunder Thighs
Mixed media
45 x 64 cm 

Is based on mythical character; The Sandman. The concept of dreams is based on the escapism from reality, and the tranquility of being away from actual life problems and conflict.




Colour pencil on wood

81*61 cm

This artwork represents adolescence.  The bird is a symbol of migration, flocks of birds migrate to different habitats when seasons change.   I will soon be ‘migrating,’ along with other ‘flocks’ of people in Hong Kong. 

Baby Bird
Mixed media
60 x 60 cm 

羅薇 (地利亞修女紀念學校 (協和)) Luo Wei, Grace  (Delia Memorial School (Hip Wo) )


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

羅薇 Luo Wei, Grace


Different flavours contain different feelings, as rich as human life.

「甜」– 童年, 「苦」– 香港 "Sweet" – Childhood, "Bitter" – Hong Kong

羅薇作品 Artwork by Luo Wei:



Swings engrave my childhood memories.  Those sweet old days are best expressed by sugar.  With different amount of water, paint or glue, sugar is highly mouldable and ever-changing.  However, only the mono-colored, simple-shaped white sugar cubes could perfectly t the theme of this artwork, reproducing my childish and pure self back in those days. 

「甜」– 童年 “Sweet” – Childhood 2016
雕塑 Sculpture
26 x 18 x 21 cm 


3 years ago, the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ took place when the majority of Hong Kongers struggled to overcome bitterness in life.  This artwork adopts the photos of the Revolution through bitter melon sculptures. Bitter melons, some people say bitter, some say sweet; its complex texture visualises Hong Kong people’s hardships ideally. 

「苦」– 香港 “Bitter” – Hong Kong
水晶膠、蠟、肥皂、彩色打印透明膠片 Crystal glue, wax, soap, colour-printed transparency
45 x 45 x 10 cm 


My height is not in line with the popular aesthetic standard, whenever I see tall and slim persons, my heart always feels jealous, feels sour. This artwork paints my feeling, a feeling to be kept inside myself.

「酸」– 嫉妒 “Sour” – Jealousy
數碼影像紙本 Acrylic on canvas board

66*51 cm


Spice, Heat, High Temperature, Global Warming. All humankind are melting down. Are we waiting for salvation? Or death to come?

「辣」– 熱力 "Spicy" – Heat
數碼影像紙本 Sculpture

22*18*22 cm

潘家強 (聖士提反堂中學) Poon Ka Keung, Leo (St. Stephen's Church College)


Best Outstanding Student Artist of 2017

潘家強 Poon Ka Keung, Leo


I do mind how the others judge me. Art can tell us story.

追夢者 -我夢你聽 Dream Chaser-Listen my dream

潘家強作品 Artwork by Poon Ka Keung:



Dreams are worthless in Hong Kong as it is a money-oriented society.  Realistically, it is hard to make money with your dreams only unless you are part of a small number of lucky people.  Under the in influence of this mainstream thinking, I was once wondering if my insistence is worth it or not... so I recorded my dreams in the form of art. 

追夢者 - 我夢你聽 Dream Chaser - Listen my dream
2015 - 16
裝置藝術 Installation
90 x 90 x 195 cm 

爸爸有一個奇怪的習慣,收集他認為對環境目的有用的任何東西。即使我們的餐桌被這些物品佔據。我嘗試在拾荒的過程中明白爸爸多一點,亦盼望能夠喚醒爸爸對於一家人「同 枱食飯」的觀念。枱上的烙印就像曾在我腦海裡一家人食飯的情境,但現在只成印在我心裡的回憶。 

Dad has a strange habit to collect anything he thinks is useful for environmental purpose.  Even our dining table was occupied by those items.  I have been trying to understand him more in the process of scavenging.  At the same time wishing to rouse the concept of having dinner together on the same table like many years ago.  The imprint implies my memory of having meal with my family in the old days.  However, it is only an imprint in my mind. 

同枱食飯 Family Dinner
裝置藝術 Installation
43 x 33 x 52 cm 

魏焫 (聖保祿學校) Wei Ruo, Rose (St. Paul's Convent School)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

魏焫 Wei Ruo, Rose


Exploring the world as an observer, I hope to talk about incidents around us through the use of art and design.

重。構 Re.Structure

魏焫作品 Artwork by Wei Ruo, Rose:



Tearing the fur coat off from the hanger reveals a disgusting scene with fresh and blood sticking on a rib cage.  The removing of garment resembles a skin-peeling process, taking away the gorgeous appearance and digging into countless stories and encountering of hunted fur animals.  This artwork is inspired by hunting-related articles, in which some was caused by human’s selfishness and vanity.  Allowing the audience to interact with this art piece, I hope to speak for the animals and raise more awareness on the tragedy behind fur production. 

皮草出售中 Garment on Sale
裝置藝術 Installation
Size variable 


Women are often judged by their appearances more than their ability or inner beauty. Therefore, inspired by the Dulong face tattoos, uglification was an important element adapted to my work. Hoping to bring attention to factors outside of outer beauty, a collection of removable tattoo fashion pieces was designed. Through using the fashion pieces to cover up female body parts that are seen attractive, I hope that this coverage could psychologically bring protection to women in facing the environmental judgements towards them. Magnified floral designs are included to my collection; the destructed flowers symbolizes the virtues of some famous females.

重。構 Re.Structure
飾品設計 Accessory Design

Size variable


Our relationship with the nature has always hoped to be in harmony, but ends up to be flawed. The set up consists of the displaying dress and 2 sets of documentary photos, where two models wear the dress in 2 styles and effects.The photos records the contrast between my perfection on man and human relationship and how it appears in actual situation. Textile designs were adapted directly from daily objects to imitate the nature related patterns. Medium of fashion piece was also chosen to show the direct contact between the sculpted nature and human beings.

理與想 In Your Dreams
時裝設計,數碼影像紙本 Fashion Piece, digital print on paper
Size variable 

楊可兒 (路德會西門英才中學) Yeung Ho Yi, Coco  (Gertrude Simon Lutheran Evening College)


Best Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

楊可兒 Yeung Ho Yi, Coco


Just obsessed with photography.

逼-逼到沙甸魚咁逼 Crammed – A can of sardines

楊可兒作品 Artwork by Yeung Ho Yi, Coco:


Taking inspiration from ‘Tokyo Compression’ and the Cantonese idiom ‘Packed as sardines’, the photos illustrate a miniature food world we are living in, how we are tiredly cramming into limited living space after work. 

Crammed – A can of sardines
數碼影像紙本 Digital print on paper
43 x 33 cm each 


Although tofu is normally made on a at wooden plate, it will be sold in small portions.  It certainly looks cheap for $5 each, but knowing its cost of input and being sold individually, do you still consider it as cheap at all? 

Crammed - Partitioned
數碼影像紙本 Digital print on paper
43 x 33 cm each


Using food as the metaphor, the inferior ones that we only consume at the end of the month reflect our low living quality, and the packed ones represent the crowded housing problem. 

Crammed - A piece of dehydrated
數碼影像紙本 Digital print on paper
43 x 33 cm each

葉昕 (李寶椿聯合世界書院) Yip Yan, Anthea (Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong)


Outstanding Student Artist of 2017- Finalist​

葉昕 Yip Yan, Anthea

I fall feverishly, hopelessly and stubbornly in and out of love with everything, without much thought, quite often.

逼-逼到沙甸魚咁逼 Crammed – A can of sardines

葉昕作品 Artwork by Yan Yip, Anthea:

This artwork's intention is to show the contrast between childhood and adulthood. Childhood is a time of joy, hope, and carefree dreams. As we slowly grow up, society teaches us to leave our dreams behind and we move towards living a monotonous life in adulthood: repetition, boredom, conflicts and complications. I want the audience to not only feel nostalgia for the past, but to also realise that life can still be exciting, playful and joyous if only we allow ourselves to.


Broken Links



200*300 cm

My intention is to focus on the conflict of identity and how we all try to control who we want to become, and how we need to realise we have no control over the evolution of our identity. I chose this because it is very relevant to adolescence, since it is the time where we question ourselves most. I personally have experienced this too. I want the audience to realise that identity is something malleable and constantly changing – we are not able to control it.


Failed Control




My intention is to show the intensity of the emotions we feel when we are adolescents.  We are often lost in a mix of unidentifiable emotions, and this causes us to feel anger very strongly (usually towards ourselves).  I also want to portray how adolescence is a time of impulse and snap decisions, and that we usually do not think things through.  This is shown through me creating most of the work by impulse while feel- ing an intense emotion. Inspired by Basquiat. 


Impulse & Ire
Spray paint, cardboard, net, acrylic, CD, aluminium, oil pastel

80 x 100 cm each 

袁金枝 (香港兆基創意書院) Yuen Kam Chi, Angie (HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity)


Best Outstanding Student Artist of 2017

袁金枝 Yuen Kam Chi, Angie


I have a lot of question to ask,and it makes me comprehend things differently.In the end,all I can do is to be conscious.

男生 我 價值 Boys Me Value 

袁金枝作品 Artwork by Yuen Kam Chi:


Romantic love is a deadly phobia to me.  I am afraid of sex but am obsessed with the thought of it at the same time.  It’s because I don’t understand what boys are, and what this boyhood is.  I don’t comprehend him.  However, I’m so addicted.  It’s because he gives me the most enchanting fantasy, and he also reminds me of my ugliest and frightful side.  He is a mirror, which make me look at myself as a third person. He helps me discover myself and my values. 

男生 我 價值 Boys Me Value
2016 - 17
陶瓷 Ceramic
150 x 150 x 200 cm 


Why an art work have to mean something?What do you want to see?What can I tell you?If you knew that this is actually just what I want to do,it doesn't mean anything,will you hate me?Why there always have to be a description?dose it really even objective?I just don't know.

(     ) (     )
2016 - 17
紙本 Books

Size variable








































不理性的狀態, 其實是自身最自然的狀態.





我十七歲, 喝醉了




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