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Students currently enrolled in local or international secondary schools in 2018/19 can be nominated by their school teachers or principals.





(In the event of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of all the terms and conditions of this promotion, the Chinese version shall prevail.)


Principals, teachers and participating students must agree to abide by the following requirements and arrangements:

◆ All submissions must be original pieces. Violation will result in disqualification and received prizes returned to the organiser

◆ Finalists must attend an interview session with the judges in late May 2019. Absence will be considered as withdrawal of entry

◆ Finalists must take part in the Student Artists Exhibition between July/ August 2019

◆ All artworks that have won prizes in other contests must not be submitted

◆ All student artists who get sponsorships to Venice are required to participate and create new artworks as a reflection after the trip in the After Show in 2020;  otherwise, they will need to refund all the sponsorship to ART-AT-ALL

◆ The organiser reserves the final decision on the selection of entries

Enrollment Guidelines

A. Online Application (by the school)

Participating students must be nominated by teachers or principals. The application procedures are as follows:

◆ Nomination is open until 10 March 2019

◆ Nominators must fill in online application form: Link here

◆ Each school can nominate a maximum of 4 student artists (at least one of them shall be nominated as “The Outstanding Student Art Leader”)

◆ An email confirmation will be sent within 3 working days of receiving the online application

◆ A link for online portfolio submission will be sent along with the confirmation email

B. Portfolio Submission (by the students)

Please submit the following 4 items online by 7 April 2019:

1. Artist Statements: write about your artistic concepts, according to the 3 art pieces submitted:

● 150 words maximum in Chinese or English

2. Artwork images [with Artworks information (title, medium & size etc.)]:

● Amount: Each entrant can only submit at most 3 images. 1 image for each artwork. Images can consist of different angles of the artwork
● Format: JPG (3 files), 300dpi, A4 size under 3MB. There is no limitation on layout format

3. Artwork Development:

● Amount: Each entrant can submit at most 10 pages to elaborate their research and creative process
● Format: PDF (1 file), A4 size under 5MB, Chinese or English are accepted. There is no limitation on layout format.

4. Self Statements for the Qualification (for those compete for "The Outstanding Student Art Leader")

Judgment Procedures

◆ First Stage: Selection

Judges will choose around 15* student artists from all the applications. Results will be e-mailed to the students in early May 2019

◆ Second Stage: Meeting with the Judges

Judges will meet with the selected student artists in late May 2017, and choose around 1-3* winners. During this session, student artists can display their authentic artwork and explain their ideas. Please note that absence will be considered as withdrawal of entry


◆ Around 15* finalists will be selected as “The Outstanding Student Artists”

◆ The best 1 to 3* student artists will be selected as “The Best Outstanding Student Artists”

◆ 1* student artist will be selected as “The Outstanding Student Art Leader”

*  Actual number of finalists and outstanding student artists depends on the quality of participating student artists


“The Best Outstanding Student Artists” and “The Outstanding Student Art Leader” will receive HK$20,000 sponsorship for a trip to Venice for the “58th Venice Biennale” (including a round trip ticket from HK to Venice, accommodation and food, and a ticket for the Venice Biennale) while all the finalists who would like to join the study trip together may also receive a maximum of HK$5,000 sponsorship.  All finalists and the best outstanding students will be awarded the certificates and trophies respectively.

This year we will select “The Outstanding Student Art Leader” to praise the student artist who has holistic enthusiasm and vision in arts and can manage changes and embrace innovation with great potential in becoming future leaders in the art industry. Among the finalists, one of them will be nominated by the OSA Alumni to receive the “Oh Sa!” Prize. In addition, the nominators and the schools of “The Best Outstanding Student Artists” and the “Outstanding Student Art Leader” will receive a cash prize of HK$1000 and trophies respectively to recognise their support to the award.

Criteria for OSA Award

We are looking for students who are passionate with great creativity and talent and strongly committed in arts, and willing to explore the arts aspect in a persistent way.

Result & Prize Giving Ceremony

All results will be announced during the prize giving ceremony in July/ August 2019.  Details will be released later.

Student Artists Exhibition

All finalists and awardees will showcase their work in the Student Artists Exhibition in July/ August 2019, sharing their experience in creation.

OSA Committee Members

Mr. Davis Chan (Art Educator)
Ms. Alice Fok (Art Promotion Consultant)
Ms. Janet Fong (Director of Moving Art Museum and Independent Curator)
Mr. Alan Lau (Art Collector)
Mr. Gary Mok (Art Discovery & Development Consultant)
Ms. Wendy Tai (Artist and Educator)
Mr. Jonathan Wong (Art Auction House Director)
Mr. Jason Woo (Chairperson of art-at-all)

OSA Committee Members


Mr. Raymond Chak (Photographer, Managing Partner of Chak & Associates LLP)

Dr. Marco Chan (Associate Professor, CAFA)

Mr. Michael Chan (Deputy Academic Director, HKDI)

Ms. Choi Yan Chi (Founder and Vice Chairman, 1a Space)

Ms. Alice Fok (Consultant of Art Promotion and Public Relations)

Ms. Janet Fong (Director, Moving Art Museum, Independent Curator)

Ms. Stella Fong (Lead Curator, Learning and Interpretation, M+)

Ms. Ane Kevichusa (Executive Director of Admission, SCAD HK)

Ms. Candice Lee (Founder and Director, Asia Week Hong Kong)

Mr. Gary Mok (Art Discovery & Development Consultant)

Ms. Wendy Tai (Artist and Educator)

Mr. Tam Lukas (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, CUHK)

Dr. Raymond Tang (Curator (Art) Hong Kong Art)

Mr. Anthony Tao (Gallery Director)

Mr. Ducky Tse (Curator and Photographer)

Dr. Henrietta Tsui (Gallery Director)

Mr. Michael Wolf (Photographer)

Mr. Morgan Wong (Artist)

Mr. Justin Wong (Assistant Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU)

Mr. Jonathan Wong (Art Auction House Director)

Mr. Jason Woo (Chairperson of art-at-all)


Mr. Johnny Chan


The organiser has the right to make use of the materials submitted by applicants for academic research and promotional purposes; and it reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and holds the final decision without notification.

Important Dates

10/03/2017 (Sunday)     Deadline of Nomination

07/04/2017 (Sunday)     Deadline of Submission for Portfolio

Early May                         Announcement of First Stage Results

Late May                          Second Stage Interview

July/ August                   Prize Giving Ceremony

Contact and Enquiry

Ms. Fung / +852 60448962

(for printed version, please click here to download)

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