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第4.5屆香港傑出學生藝術家獎面試日回顧 Recap of 4.5th Osa Award's Interview Day

上星期日我們成功舉行了第4.5屆香港傑出學生藝術家獎面試日,首先感謝 Chak & Associates LLP 的場地支持。


  • 馮美華 女士(獨立文藝工作者)

  • 林嵐 女士(藝術家)

  • Ms. Candice Lee(香港亞洲藝術創辦人及董事)

  • 譚偉平 先生(香港中文大學藝術系副教授)

  • 梁徐錦熹 博士(Ora-Ora畫廊及香港畫廊協會聯合創辦人)

📣 另外提醒大家,學生的作品集已在我們的網站上更新,歡迎大家前往欣賞!

🎨 我們現在開始籌備展覽,期待在8月的展覽上與大家見面!

Last Sunday, we successfully held our Interview Day! First, we'd like to extend a huge thank you to Chak & Associates LLP for venue support!

Our interview panel this time included:

  • Ms. May Fung (Independent Art & Cultural Worker)

  • Ms. Jaffa Lam (Artist)

  • Ms. Candice Lee (Founder and Director of Asia Art Hong Kong)

  • Mr. Tam Wai Ping, Lukas (Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, CUHK)

  • Dr. Henrietta Tsui-Leung (Co-Founder of Ora-Ora Art Group and HK Art Gallery Association)

📣 Additionally, we remind everyone that the students' portfolios have been updated on our website. Feel free to visit and appreciate their work!

🎨 We are now starting to prepare for the exhibition and look forward to seeing everyone in August!

📸 Check out the highlights from the day, capturing many unforgettable moments!


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