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第二屆「香港傑出學生藝術家奬」 2017

The 2nd "Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong" 2017

Finalist Lists                             List of Student Artists                             Gallery

Curators’ Statement




Compared with those in the 1st Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong (OSA Award), I find that the submitted artworks in the 2nd OSA Award are more complete. It is easier to notice the style of each student in their series of works. In other words, the quality of the artworks have improved. More students chose to join the competition with challenging media like installations, reflecting their confidences. I hope we can present an unique exhibition that reflects the efforts of our finalists to the audience. 

Ms. Janet Fong 



宏觀的看,香港社會作為完善的經濟體,藝術發展相對緩慢;香港傑出學生藝術家獎是香港未來藝術棟樑的儲備平台,本人非常榮幸 可以參其中與art-at-all和少年藝術家們共同進步。 





Generally, as a mature economy, the development of the Arts in Hong Kong is relatively slow compared to other fields. The Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong is a platform to gather the future pillars of the Arts in Hong Kong. I am glad to participate in the curation of the finalists’ exhibition, and grow with art-at-all and all the young student artists. 

The finalists have mostly attained high standards with comprehensive artworks. Instead of traditional art forms, almost two-thirds of the artworks in this exhibition are conceptual or in new media. I can see that the local art trend is closer to the mainstream in contemporary art. I recommend our participants to improve their technique in handling their chosen medium, like paying attention to objects, space and lighting in installations, and the understanding of shapes in painting and sculpture. Each medium has its own skill set. Once we have acquired the skills proficiently, we can be free in our artistic creation. 

At last, I hope our student artists can follow their dreams, and reach the full potential of their blossoming mind. 

Mr. Gary Mok 


Comments from the Judges


好榮幸可以再次參與「香港傑出學生藝術家獎」(OSA Award) 的評審工作。這個為青年學生設立的獎項,組織並不比其他專業獎項 遜色。首先其創辦人包括了藝術業界跨界別人士,而且每屆評審均由藝術界重要藝術和學術機構的代表,以及個別具國際知名度的藝 術家組成,選出的得獎者是精挑細選,具相當份量的優秀青年。我最欣賞的是,獎項試圖跨越不同學校種類,修讀藝術課程和非視覺 藝術科的學生均有平等機會參與,打破傳統的框界,開拓新的可能性。更難得的是,每屆得獎的青年會有機會參與下一屆活動的籌備工作,與新的獲獎學生互動,延續交流及互相支援,將來可望成為藝壇一股清新力量。 






I am glad to be a member of the jury panel of the Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong (OSA Award) again. This award is specially founded for young students and it is no less than any other professional awards. Its founders are professionals from different art industry, and its judges are representatives of significant art organisations or academic institutions, and internationally reputable artists. All the awardees had gone through a strict assessment process, having impressive potential. What I most appreciate about the award is that, it aims to create a cross platform for students with different educational backgrounds from different types of schools, opening up new opportunities for art development. All the present and past awardees, furthermore, could participate in the preparation works of the next OSA Award, creating an interactive and supportive OSA Alumni community that could make great contribution to the art world in future. 

Having served as judge for two times, I always feel impressed and touched when talking with the OSA Award finalists in the assessment process. Although their works might not be sophisticated enough due to the lack of experience and resources, I find the genuine emotions and the pure pursuit of dreams invaluable. For their life long journey, I sincerely hope they could always bear their goals in mind and make their dreams come true. I would also like to express a big congratulation to all the friends who make this meaningful event happens. This is an interim achievement for nurturing artists of the next-generation. Hope that their efforts can help revealing the potentials of our new generations, and creating a thriving art industry in the future. 

Ms. Eve Tam
Museum Director, Hong Kong Museum of Art 







It is a great honour to participate in the selection of The Outstanding Student Artist Award of Hong Kong (OSA Award). Students’ works are full of innovation, and many works show the local characteristic of Hong Kong art. Although some works are slightly childish, they contain in nite possibilities. A good artist requires four qualities: “talent, emotion, courage, knowledge”, talent is the ability of awareness and expression; emotion is the expression of their own temperament and feelings; courage: dare to face and overcome difficulties; knowledge is a wide range of understanding in artistic world, and has a distinctive personality and thinking. In this era, it is worthy of encouragement and support to examine or criticise the current circumstance from their own spots. 

Dr. Marco Chan
Professor of School of Design, CAFA, Beijing 





OSA Award評審角色也讓我檢閱小群學生的作品集,無疑作品集也呈現規範化,但同時學生的個性和想法是較立體的,無論是得獎同學能獲資助到海外遊學增進視野外,最重要是讓公眾知道中學的視藝科學生成果可以有這樣不同的面貌,這些學生相信有意向這方面發展,學生個人的創作有更多的可能性,OSA Award 做了兩邊參照的平台。 




Aa part of my teaching post, it is my responsibility to review numerous portfolios from students who apply for university admission. Meanwhile, I also have the chance to interview the students for a better understanding on the thoughts behind their portfolios. After a few years, I have started to realise that, most of the portfolios follow a certain format; only a few truly reflect their personalities and the thoughts demonstrated in their interviews. Creativity has become standardised and overly goal-oriented due to the restrictive nature of our current public examination system. Of course, while I criticise our visual art education now; I feel like I am accomplice to the system when I review the university admissions portfolios every year. 

Being the judge of the Outstanding Student Artist Award (OSA Award) allows me to review student portfolios in a different context. Certainly, the portfolios are also standardised. However, OSA portfolios are able to show the personalities and thoughts of the students in a more concrete manner. OSA Award sponsors the awardees a chance to study overseas, broadening the horizon of the students. The award also reflects the differences the w

ay visual arts are taught in secondary schools. The OSA Award thus provides a valuable opportunity to students who are keen to enter the art world. 

Dr. Leung Mee Ping
Associate Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU 

Hong Kong Outstanding Students Artist Award (OSA Award) was established in 2015. This year is the second installment of the award cycle, with each cycle taking place once every two years.

The OSA Award was founded by a diverse group of professionals in the art industry. The aim is to encourage students to develop their individuality and creativity by putting an emphasis on experimentation and the process of creating. Student portfolios are an integral part of the selection. The jury panel consists of art practitioners and educators from a variety of creative fields.

The Student Artists Public Exhibition creates a platform where students from different schools are able to participate in the exchange of ideas. Eventually, this creative exchange can continue through the OSA Alumni community.

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「香港傑出學生藝術家獎」(OSA Award) 於2015年正式成立,並於每兩年舉辦一次。故此,我們將會在2017年舉行「第二屆香港傑出學生藝術家獎」。




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